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Site Remediation - ACT Government (EPIC)

Site Name:

Demolition & Remediation of Former Shell Service Station, Mitchell, ACT


ACT Government (EPIC)


Demolition of service station canopy, workshop, retail building, restaurant and hardstand areas, UST & associated appurtenances decommissioning, site remediation and associated civil works


This project comprised of the demolition and removal of all above ground structures and the decommissioning and removal offsite of petroleum storage infrastructure in order to make the site suitable for the proposed new service station. This included the demolition and removal of 5,000m2 of concrete hardstand area overlying USTs and the decommissioning and removal of 45KL steel USTs. The job also consisted of detailed excavation and stockpiling of over 1,500m3 of hydrocarbon contaminated soil and the remediation of grease trap and triple interceptor locations.


Hydrocarbon Contaminated soil

Site Remediation - ACT Government (EPIC)

View of service station canopy, hardstand area and location of USTs and pipe work.

Site Remediation - ACT Government (EPIC)

Loading of 45KL UST onto truck for transport to licensed tank destruction facility.