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Construction - NSW Public Works/Department of Housing

Site Name:



Aranac Pty Ltd / NSW Department of Public Works


Painting to all external areas, waterproofing, maintenance and general upgrade


Building upgrade project including renovations, remedial repairs, preparation & painting including anti graffiti coatings to various substrates around the external perimeter of a multi- storey residential complex comprising 216 residential units including front entry doors and rear balconies to each unit, elevator tower and link walkways to each block, internal stair wells throughout a site occupied by domestic residents.

Special Requirements:

Difficult access to elevated work area. Staged works to enable resident access at all times. Sensitive surrounding domestic properties.

Continued requirement for public relations officer handling the needs and concerns of over 200 residents

construction aranac eastlakes

Internal view of the walkways and facia.

construction aranac eastlakes

View of the stairway tower, a prominent feature of the building, which took 1 month to complete with swinging stages