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Demolition - Arenco

Site Name:

Blue Circle Southern Cement



Demolition of former cement depot.

The project consisted of demolition of multiple concrete and steel silo structures, the demolition of a concrete building and the basement train-car unloading facility. The project also involved demolition of the staff amenities area and the truck weighbridge. Small outhouses, sheds and other buildings were also removed during the works program.

The concrete silos that were demolished contained residual amounts of cement/lime and fly ash dust. It was a key project goal to ensure the health and safety of the surrounding community and the local vulnerable environmental receptors. RMA successfully demonstrated an effective method eliminating dust generation during the demolition.

This job is an example of RMA's innovative and expert team with the use of specialist equipment to enable working at heights safely and in a controlled manner. The site was also located within 10m of an active rail corridor adding to the complexity of the project.


Rail Corridor, Multiple storey buildings

Demolition - Arenco

Blue Circle Southern Cement Buildings remaining to be demolished.

Demolition - Arenco

Demolition underway

Demolition - Arenco