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Site Remediation - Country Energy

Site Name:

Morgan St, Broken Hill, NSW


Country Energy


Asbestos abatement, site remediation and associated civil works


Removed the risks posed by asbestos impacted soils and asbestos waste on site to make the site suitable for continued use as a CE storage facility through bulk excavation and screening of approximately 20,000m³ of asbestos contaminated soils through the "Emu Picking" method. The project also included the disposal of approximately 4,000m³ of asbestos waste, validation and the re-use of approximately 16,000m³ of screened material and revegetation of 4.5Ha using the direct seeding method.


Asbestos contaminated Soil

Site Remediation - Country Energy

Screening of oversize material including asbestos pipe fragments using Finlay power screen.

Site Remediation - Country Energy

Asbestos resin coated water pipelines identified by RMA in-situ during earthworks. Due to the active nature of the utilities, RMA placed a geofabric marker layer over pipelines prior to placement of capping material over the surface to prevent exposure of personnel to hazardous materials.