"our flexible and responsive customer service and specialist construction skills"
"we can undertake all types of demolition, but are known for the most complex projects"
"our extensive practical experience and specialist training"
"industry-leading experience in the removal of asbestos and hazardous substances"
"major remediation projects have been undertaken at gasworks, mining facilities"

Demolition Risk Management

RMA Group holds an Unrestricted Demolition licence, meaning we can undertake all types of demolition projects including large scale and highly complex jobs.

Our highly experienced demolition team is overseen by structural engineers, with supervisors and crews applying RMA Group's rigorous Step-By-Step process to ensure the job is completed safely and efficiently.

We supply a 24-hour contact phone number and can be onsite within 24 hours (conditions apply).

Customised safe work statements are available for each component of every project.

Because RMA Group provides a full range of services including asbestos removal and environmental remediation, we can integrate and co-ordinate all that is needed to deliver a safe and effective result.

We also offer our clients the reassurance that – unlike many of our competitors – our insurance is occurrence based and not just claims based. This is an especially critical distinction for asbestos claims. Contact us and we'd be pleased to explain the importance of this point in more detail.

Contact RMA Group to find out more about how we incorporate proven and safe work practices into all aspects of our demolition services.