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Site Remediation - Department of Treasury and Finance

Site Name:

Decommissioning, Demolition & Remediation Former Lead Battery Mine Facility, Northampton, WA


Department of Treasury and Finance


Decommissioning, asbestos abatement, demolition and site remediation of former mine


The project included asbestos abatement, building demolition, excavation and encapsulation of building waste and lead tailings in an onsite containment cell to the remove risk of future exposure to the public, on site occupants and workers. Remediation of the site was carried out to ensure the protection of local groundwater quality and the surrounding environment. The project was comprised of the removal of approx 1,200m2 of AC sheeting, 500m3 of asbestos impacted soils, demolition of 12 structures and the construction of an onsite containment cell. It also included the excavation and placement of 35,000m3 of lead tailings in the containment cell, the rehabilitation of final land structure and the construction of over 700m of surface water diversion drains.


Asbestos Contamination and Lead contaminated materials

Site Remediation - Department of Treasury and Finance

Mine processing plant, conveyor belt system demolished and encapsulated within the containment cell.

Site Remediation - Department of Treasury and Finance

A 300mm topsoil layer and spraygrass application completed the cell capping process. The completed containment cell and GCL layer is visible in the distance from nearby Horrocks Road.

Site Remediation - Department of Treasury and Finance

Deployment of HDPE liner and geotextile protection layer at the base of the containment cell