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Asbestos and Hazardous Waste Removal

Site Name:

Springhill Unanderra


Integral Energy


Site remediation, asbestos abatement, demolition and associated civil works across a 7.5 hectare site


Main objective of remediation works was to manage site contamination and mitigate potential impacts of contamination on future construction activities in order to make the site suitable for commercial/industrial land use. This was achieved through the removal of 1000m of asbestos conduit pipe and 3500 tonnes of asbestos impacted soils; demolition of 6500 tonnes concrete transformer footings, handstand areas and retaining walls; and the remediation of transformer oil (hydrocarbon) impact areas due to oil spills/leakages. Due to ongoing wet weather, RMA adopted a wet weather contingency plan to allow work to progress which included the use of all terrain mini dump trucks suitable for difficult access. Also, 2 million litres of water pooled in excavations was pumped out and discharged over vegetated areas on site rather than offsite disposal.


Asbestos contaminated Soil, Asbestos conduit pipes, Transformer Oil (Hydrocarbon) Impacted Soil

construction aranac eastlakes

Progress remediation excavation of transformer oil impacted soils

construction aranac eastlakes

Progress high volume pump out and on site discharge of over 2 million litres of water pooled in excavation areas following heavy rainfall.

construction aranac eastlakes

Demolition of high voltage transmission tower structure with a height of approximately 40m. Demolition comprised the use of two cranes, one 140T crane to hold and lower each section of tower following oxy acetylene cutting and another 60T crane to hold the riggers box used as a safety platform for the crane dogman and demolition personnel cutting the steel framework of the tower in sections.