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Construction - Northern Sydney Central Coast Area Health Service

Site Name:

Manly Hospital


Northern Sydney Central Coast Area Health Service


Design and Construct


Upgrade work to the Emergency Department required us to design and construct , which involved a complex internal refurbishment located in and around the very sensitive and busy Emergency Entrance at Manly Hospital. The various departments within this area ( Reception, Security, Triage, Public waiting area) were all upgraded and all needed to remain operational for the duration of the construction work which comprised of major structural modifications as well as the upgrade of all hard surfaces, services and infrastructure.

The Psychiatric Emergency Care Centre comprised of the demolition of existing offices and their conversion including further extensions to the existing building to create a new medical facility for the Emergency assessment and care of Mental Health Patients. The project was located in a very sensitive area between the hospital maternity facility and the hospital ambulance bay.

Special Requirements:

Innovative design and construction methods tailored to suit the specific needs of both hospital working staff, public and patients in a very sensitive environment.

Staged work within each stage to enable staff to continue to operate.

Isolated construction measures to control dust in a medial environment & flexible and spasmodic works to minimize and control noise disturbance to the hospital.

construction aranac eastlakes

View of a Beverage Bay, built to be fully lockable, yet functional

construction aranac eastlakes

Internal view of one of the PECC rooms