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Site Remediation - Rail Corporation New South Wales

Site Name:

Moss Vale


Rail Corporation New South Wales


Asbestos abatement, site remediation, demolition and associated civil works


The project consisted of the removal of 500 tonnes of asbestos impacted soils and the remediation of approximately 15,000 tonnes of contaminated soils, including heavy metals, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAHs) and total petroleum hydrocarbon (TPH) impacted materials to make the site suitable for future land use. Demolition of 7 former barracks was completed with a strong emphasis on recycling with over 70% of waste taken for reprocessing and re-use. Emphasis was placed on the management of contaminated materials due to potential airborne contaminated dust during dry conditions and surface runoff of contaminated sediment via drainage systems.

Reinstatement of approximately 7000 tonnes of VENM and topsoil material was successfully achieved, including an application of hydromulch across an area of 2 hectares.


Asbestos contaminated Soil, heavy metals, petroleum hydrocarbons, semi volatile organics

Site Remediation - Rail Corporation New South Wales

The "line up"; Up to 20 truck movements or 500 Tonne per day, leaving site as contaminated soil

Site Remediation - Rail Corporation New South Wales

Progress demolition of former railway barracks buildings. Hazardous materials were hand removed from a total of 7 buildings prior to the mechanical demolition.

Site Remediation - Rail Corporation New South Wales

Asbestos contaminated soil and asbestos conduit / pipe removal in progress within designated exclusion area.