"our flexible and responsive customer service and specialist construction skills"
"we can undertake all types of demolition, but are known for the most complex projects"
"our extensive practical experience and specialist training"
"industry-leading experience in the removal of asbestos and hazardous substances"
"major remediation projects have been undertaken at gasworks, mining facilities"

Our risk management approach to site remediation

RMA Group draws on our extensive practical experience, specialist training and Step-By-Step process to manage and control site remediation projects.

In doing so, we are able to create greater certainty in the process and more clearly defined deliverables for each project.

At the conclusion of each site remediation project, an independent environmental consultant reviews the site, and if satisfied that it has been remediated, provides validation and sign-off. RMA Group ensures this sign-off is delivered on every project.

As a specialised remediation and environmental services contractor, RMA Group takes pride in our ability to offer innovative, cost effective and professional services to our large number of clients Australia-wide.

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