"our flexible and responsive customer service and specialist construction skills"
"we can undertake all types of demolition, but are known for the most complex projects"
"our extensive practical experience and specialist training"
"industry-leading experience in the removal of asbestos and hazardous substances"
"major remediation projects have been undertaken at gasworks, mining facilities"

Ensuring a successful outcome, every time

We all know the old adage that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. That's why our work methods are underpinned by a planning process that guarantees safety and quality, whilst being flexible enough to meet the changing needs of individual projects.

RMA Group applies our Step-By-Step process in planning and completing all of our projects – from local works to projects in value of up to $100m.

Offering a total solution or specific services

RMA Group offers Construction, Demolition, Asbestos and Hazardous Materials Removal, Waste Management and Site Remediation services. This diversity enables us to deliver a comprehensive and co-ordinated solution. Alternatively, we offer each of these services individually or packaged, as the project requires.

We understand that the role we play is usually part of a bigger picture. This means that we create a solution that integrates well with others involved in the process. And because of our multidisciplinary approach, we are often able to come up with options for our clients that they may not have realised were available to them. This can include suggestions that improve the project's efficiency, cost control, safety and/or finished outcome.

Risk management

Every major development or redevelopment requires meticulous planning. Site preparation can involve a high level of uncertainty and RMA Group understands that our purpose is to prepare a site well so that there are no surprises later in the process. The removal of asbestos and hazardous waste, pulling down a building and site remediation for example, are all complex tasks – and these are tasks that cannot afford mistakes.

Our experienced staff therefore follow the RMA Group Step-By-Step process to ensure every project is planned with a high degree of precision and control in order to safeguard your project.

The RMA Group Step-By-Step process

By applying our Step-By-Step process, RMA Group is able to offer value and certainty, with agreed outcomes and specific time frames established for every project.

Our Step-By-Step process for Construction projects is as follows:


Before starting any work, RMA Group takes the time to understand the project. This includes using independent consultants to determine the specifics of each site.


Our estimates set out a complete scope of works, minimising variations and providing certainty.

Site Preparation

RMA Group's internal process ensures site compliance with an onsite file system and documented establishment process.


RMA Group prides itself on its safety record and quality of work. This is a direct result of the RMA Group site training program and expertise within the RMA Group team.


Our self-audit process and regular executive management reviews ensure we maintain the high quality of work our reputation is built on.


An independent consultant inspects our work and provides an independent guarantee that the work is complete.

The Step-By-Step process combines:

  • Safe work practices that exceed Australian standards
  • Documented policies and procedures designed to deliver optimal outcomes
  • High-level expertise, skills and experience delivered by a dedicated team of professionals.

For the duration of your project, a dedicated team consisting of a site supervisor, project manager and administration project manager will provide site-specific reporting to match your requirements.

Contact us today to find out more about how RMA Group's Step-By-Step process delivers certainty and control in every project.