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Construction - UGL Services

Site Name:

Southern Police Residence

Client :

UGL Services


Property Upgrades


This project consisted of the refurbishment of a package of police residences in NSW. Some of the work completed at these residences included insulation to ceilings, cement rendering, refurbishment of kitchens, wardrobes, doors and windows, the installation of a waterproof membrane system to bathrooms and laundry floors, carpet cleaning/replacement, interior and exterior painting and the installation of new hot water heaters and filters. Electrical works completed include the installation of new energy efficient air conditioners, circuit boards, power outlets and light switches, new telephone outlets, installation of smoke alarms and TV Antennas.

Special Requirements:

Assessment and handling of hazardous materials. ( existing lead paint and asbestos surfaces) Management of work procedures, and OHS requirements combined with the living needs of families in their domestic environment. Staged work requirements

construction ugl eastlakes

A typical residence requiring maintenance and upgrading

construction ugl eastlakes

Installation of new security screens, electrical upgrades and painting were all features of the upgrades